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Social-Writing is a social network that allows you to share with others your passion for reading and writing.
Any registered user can start his own book or contribute to the one started by other users.
When you finish reading the last chapter of a book in progress, you can start a new chapter and submit it to the author.
The chapter that you submitted may be added with not change or the author of the book may return it to you for changes or modifications and ask you to approve the changes.
Not yet a member?
If you are not yet a registered user you will be able to only read all books for free, whether completed or still in progress.
You will not have , however, the ability to use some functions such as:
  • The library - which allows you to find everything that you are reading and that you already read
  • Bookmarks - that will bring you directly to the page you were viewing.
These features are only available to registered users, register now
Already a “social–writer”?
As a registered user you have access to all the features provided by the site.
Start writing a book
Writing a book has never been so easy and fun.
Choose the title , the plot and decide how many days to grant users to write and submit a chapter.
Even if you're not a "great writer " thanks to the collaborative writing system made ​​available by Social-Writing you will be able to complete your idea thanks to the contribution of all the other social-writers.
Participate to the book of another user
How many times have you ever read a book and thought it would have been better, or more interesting, if the had taken a "different path "?.
With Social-Writing you can make your dream come true!
If you are reading a book in progress (not yet completed), after reading the last chapter available you can write and submit the next chapter. When you have finished writing the chapter, you can send it to the author of the book who could select it and add it to the book.
Share your ideas
The site features a chat room where you can message with other users.
If you are contributing to a book you will become part of a small circle called pen pals.
You will be able to chat with all pen pals who are all the users who have participated with you in writing a book or only to the users who are contributing to a specific book to which you are contributing as well.
In this way you can share your ideas with the "insiders " away from the eyes of readers who could otherwise be reading the ideas or possible developments of the uncompleted book they are interested in.
My work in progress
Through this page you can easily manage your books and chapters.
For the books in progress you will be notified of any chapter submission that you have to firs review by reading a brief summary, when you find the one lime most, you will need to read it in full and then decide whether to reject the chapter submitted, modify it (or request changes ) or add it to the book as it is.
Not only stories
you can, as described above, also start and collaborate in poems, manuals and more generally to all types of literary works. If you do not find a category that suits what you want to create, let us know!
Cover by Neo
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Cover by Neo
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